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Serving Canadian regulated, legal cannabis products in Central Alberta

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We offer a wide range of cannabis products on the THC/CBD spectrum for new & experienced users. Our bud tenders can help you find a product based on your desired effects, taste, smell, & more.

Our products are regulated by the Canadian government and go through rigorous testing to insure purity, safety, & quality.

 From industry leading brands to craft growers. 
Full coverage of strength, price, & flavour characteristics!

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We carry dried cannabis in three main forms: Bud, Pre-Rolls, & Milled

Bud is what it sounds like: a cannabis plant's flower, trimmed & groomed to perfection.
This form requires accessories like a grinder to finely break apart the cannabis and a smoking device such as a pipe, bong, vape, or blunt wrap

A Pre-Roll is ground bud rolled in a paper & secured with a filter to be smoked as is


Cannabis bud has been decarboxylated to activate the cannabinoids(THC & CBD) that enter your blood stream through the digestive system. Welcome edible oil products. They produce the same effects as smoking with a longer onset time. Cannabis oils can be felt within the hour & typically reach full effect by two hours after consuming.

Oils are ideal for situations that require constant regulated dosage of THC & CBD
The effects can last 8-12 hours after consumption.

We stock cannabis oils with >.3% THC that WILL NOT get you high, 
Oils with lots of THC that WILL get you high,
& everything in between

For more info about THC, CBD, & the Endocannabinoid system, click the link below

or visit us in store to chat with our budtenders 


Whether it's chocolate, gummies, tea-bags, mints or drinks
our edible selection is built for the cannasseur

Edibles & Beverages are decarboxylated cannabis flower that has been infused into baked goods or liquids like soda. These produce the same effects as cannabis oils  

Onset times vary between 15-45 minutes depending on product tech
Available in different CBD/THC ratios.


Concentrates come in many forms: shatter, badder, hash, rosin, & many more.

The types of cannabis concentrates are refined by different methods to produce a range of textures, flavours, cannabinoid content, & potency. 

Our selection includes honey oil vape carts, badder, caviar, hash, and kief. 
New products are approved and available regularly.

For more information about the types of concentrates, visit the link below

or visit us in store to ask our budtenders


Vaporizing means heating the cannabis to a temperature that releases the cannabinoids without combusting the flower.

Different temperatures release different cannabinoids/terpenes and therefore produce different desired effects.

Vaporizing cannabis flower is the recommended method to inhale dried cannabis set by the Canadian government



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There are a number of resources available on the web describing legalities, recommended consumption, and more.

Below are some useful links to help you use cannabis responsibly & stay updated with cannabis laws


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